Each certified community must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an active, focused, single authority in charge of economic development.

  • Implement a program that keeps the community in touch with established industry and responsive to its needs.

  • Fulfill specific acreage and infrastructure requirements in order to satisfy the wants and needs of new industry.

  • Develop comprehensive information about the community and have a plan for quick and effective response to prospect inquiries.

  • Develop a three-year economic development plan and a one-year action plan.

Harrisburg is proud to be a part of the Arkansas Community of Excellence (ACE) program.

The ACE program was developed by the Arkansas Department of Economic Development to help communities prepare themselves for economic growth. By achieving the ACE certification, a community is recognized as being a prime area for potential economic development. The ACE designation indicates to prospects that the community has what it takes to be a future industry location. Gaining ACE certification requires ambition, organization, and teamwork.

Once recognized as an ACE community, a city is fully prepared to take a pro-active approach to economic development and the recruitment of jobs. Equally, the community will improve its relationship with existing industry and realize an improved quality of life and opportunity for the community, its businesses, and its people. These goals for the ACE communities in Arkansas are are shared by the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce.