Planning and Zoning

Harrisburg Subdivision/Development and Zoning Codes

The purpose of the subdivision and development code is to regulate and control the subdivision and development of land in order to protect and provide for the public health, safety, and general welfare of the CIty of Harrisburg and those areas falling under the jurisdiction of these regulations.

These zoning regulations are enacted to implement the Comprehensive Plan for the CIty of Harrisburg and to promote the safety, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of the citizens of Harrisburg, Arkansas.  They are also intended to provide for efficiency and economy in the process of development for the appropriate use of land, for the use and occupancy of building, for helpful and convenient distribution of population, for good civic design and arrangement, and for adequate public utilities and facilities.


City of Harrisburg
Comprehensive Plan

The Harrisburg Comprehensive Plan serves as an official policy statement of the City of Harrisburg for directing orderly growth and development within its city limits and planning area.  The Harrisburg Planning Commission directed the preparation of the plan during the process which included careful study of the area.  Areas of analysis include Harrisburg's history, demographics and projected population, topography, utility capacity, transporation systems, existing infrastructure, and surrounding land use. 

The Plan will help guide the decisions of both the Planning Commission and City Council during the planning period, estimated to be 25 years.  The Comprehensive Plan serves all citizens and property owners within the planning area as well as others having a stake in the future of the city.